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1-24-11 new episode

new description [image]

Testing Sept 20, 2010

test WF [image]


The course will cover the history and technology used in the development of the Internet. We will explore basic communication techniques used on th...

This the title

big long description [image]

Test 6-7 from laptop

Before changing Podcast Producer settings in Server Admin>Settings>Properties - Web URL from: to http...

Wiki Blog crash course

The lecture capture demonstration from a Mac. [image]

Remote video test

This means you don't need to use a Mac at all [image]

Calendar updates

This screencast shows you how to add an event to your class calendar. [image]

Format Compatibility

You can upload video in any format to the Wiki Blog, Windows format or Mac. [Grad09.avi] [Download file "CMN Mac V2.wmv"] [Download file "720x480CMN...

Powerpoint Presentation Attached

[image]This blog entry is to Attach a file and use quicklook which means you do not need the Host application for the file Attached. [Download file "...


You can download the syllabus here and print it out or take a Quick Look. [Download file "syllabus16week.doc"] Rename the page ...

Posting a .Pdf for the iTunes feed & blog

[About Stacks.pdf]

Cmp AppleTV on iMac

testing Apple TV video post [image]

Test 2 remote camera

testing using better setting on iMac and iSight [image]